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Originating from the union between Greenbrier, Amsted Rail and Iochpe-Maxio, Greenbrier Maxion, located in Hortolândia-SP, presents itself as the complete and integrated solution for the railway sector and it is considered the largest railway operation of South America. It has an accessible and efficient production capacity, with an expertise in projects of freight cars, bogies, reform services, adjustment and modernization of freight cars and their components, in addition to rental model.

Through AmstedMaxion, a foundry located in Cruzeiro-SP, it is the top reference in Latin-America in developing and manufacturing steel wheels, railway castings for bogies and shock absorption and draft gears, and parts for machinery and equipment for the civil construction, mining and sugar-ethanol sectors.

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What we do


Our bogies are certified by the ARR standard and produced with AmstedRail technology, aiming for advanced performance of the freight cars.

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AmstedMaxion is a reference in the manufacture and supply railway and industrial castings in South America, from 10 Kg to 6 Ton.

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Freight Cars

Greenbrier Maxion develops freight cars that carry various types of cargo with solutions to meet any sector’s requirements.

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The main feature of the Greenbrier Maxion services is offering complete solutions regarding the operationalization of freight cars.

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