The Greenbrier Maxion and AmstedMaxion Companies believe that investing in the well-being of our people is the best way. There are more than 2500 employees in Hortolândia and Cruzeiro plants, focusing on our customers and our product differentiation.

Organizational climate

We are focused on maintaining a good working environment, with quality and people who have a passion for our business. That’s why we annually apply our climate research and work on action plans with our leadership.

Make an appearance

“We want you here every day.” Monthly, employees who do not have absences for work or medical certificate, participate in the drawing. The ten employers drawn receive a voucher and are acknowledged in the celebration event.

Board of directors breakfast

In a relaxed moment and with a delicious breakfast, the employees are invited to participate in a meeting with our President and other members of the board. In this monthly meeting, they discuss about company strategies and details about employees’ daily routines.

All Hands Meeting

All Hands Meeting is an opportunity for our President to speak about our results and future scenarios with all employees, at the same time. This meeting happens twice a year at the Hortolândia’s factory.

Celebration dates

The company motto is “Here, we celebrate”. We celebrate our achievements and commemorative dates, such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and women’s day, children’s day, railroad professional day, Greenbrier Maxion anniversary and birthdays of the month.

Hello Moms

Implemented in 1985, the program has the objective of guiding collaborators, wives and daughters of collaborators during pregnancy, by means of monthly reunions, where there are lectures for those future mothers to increase their knowledge and share experiences lived in this unique moment of their lives: becoming a mother.

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Open Factory

The Open Factory Program consists in opening the company’s doors to have a closer relationship between the company and its collaborators, family members and the community, presenting its reality, work environment, routine and technology. This program consists of promoting personalized visits for each type of public and is monitored by specialized technicians.

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