Freight Cars

Innovations for all types of cargo

Greenbrier Maxion has expertise in design and all types of freight cars:

  • Bold and easy-to-maintain design
  • Reduced Light weight and greater load capacity
  • Loading and unloading
  • Technological partnership with Greenbrier, world leader in freight car design and manufacturing
  • Pioneering, with over 70 years of activities
  • With global action and penetration, Greenbrier Maxion is the largest railroad operation in South.


A wide range of designs to better attend the customers in the ore transportation.
The highlight is the GDU freight car, the freight car of greater capacity of transport produced by the company and the first one directed to the Brazilian market with 7”x12” bogie. With a capacity of 37.5 tons/axle of load and 150 tons of maximum gross weight, it uses a brake with adequate service rates of 150 tons, adjusted for use condition with or without load, in order to reduce the temperature and prolong the useful life of the wheel.

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Hoppers freight car designs are differentiated and innovative, with high technology and of a world-class quality for the transport of grains, sugar, corn, soy, bran, among others.
One of the main technologies used is the automated loading and unloading, which makes possible triggering the load caps through a pneumatic system. The technology makes the process faster and safer both for the operator during the loading/unloading of the freight car and for the load, since it does not use human form to drive the doors, but the automated system.

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The company has developed a special and differentiated line of flatcars to meet the transport of containers in the Brazilian railroads.

The freight cars carry lined and stacked containers meeting the needs of their customers according to the railway infrastructure.

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Wide range of projects provided, both for the domestic market and for the external market.
It produces tank freight cars for transportation of petroleum products, cement and sulfuric acid, among others. Volumetric capacity and lower light weight, in addition to systems that expedite the discharge are the technological innovations.
The highlight is the TCT freight car, the largest tank in the world with a volume capacity of 118 thousand liters, developed with self-supporting structure.

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