Greenbrier Maxion Environmental Policy

Greenbrier Maxion, a company specialized in the development of design, manufacturing and reforming freight cars and welded structured components, with aim to preserve the environment, is committed to the following principles:

  • Protect the environment;
  • Prevent pollution related to its activities, preventing, reducing or mitigating its impacts;
  • Promote rational use of natural resources;
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and other requirements;
  • Ensure the continuous improvement of the environmental management system to increase environmental performance;
  • Promote environmental awareness of its collaborators and community where it operates.

Integrated Policy – date: 7/5/2017- review 03

Greenbrier Maxion Policy of Social Responsibility and Development, and Sustainability

The Policy of Social Responsibility and Development, and Sustainability of Greenbrier Maxion, a company specialized in the development of designs, manufacturing and reforms of freight cars for cargo transport and welded structural components, aligned with the company’s strategies and guidelines of the company, and in conformity with legal requirements applicable to its activities, specifications and interest of all stakeholders, is based in the following principles:

  • Working to prevent and control the socio-environmental impacts and risks to the health and safety of people in the community and other stakeholders, always based on the protection against environmental risks and socially responsible actions within our activities.
  • Preserving the environment and investing in the quality of life in RMC projects, contributing to the planet’s sustainability.
  • Promoting a work environment that enables the recognition and appreciation of its employees’ competences and contributions.
  • Always being open to dialog, respecting the diversity of opinions, helping to build a more fair and solidary society, always working in partnerships with other institutions.
  • Stimulate and value volunteer practices.
  • Refuse any action that violates ethics, human rights and laws.
  • Defend the equality of rights and opportunities, without racial, religious or gender distinctions.
  • Protect internationally recognized human rights and eradicate any form of forced or compulsory labor and child labor.

AmstedMaxion Environmental Policy

AmstedMaxion is committed to manufacturing their railway and industrial cast products, having as principles:

  • Observance to current legislation and the Customer’s requirements;
  • Continuous improvement of their products, processes and services in regard to Quality, Labor Safety and Environment;
  • Manufacturing of castings based on recycled steel;
  • Health Prevention and Preservation and Environmental protection;
  • Commitment by their employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.

Senior management defines, via management system indicators, the objectives and improvement targets, developing the respective plans to achieve them.

Integrated Policy: date: 6/14/2017- review 02

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