Environmental Projects

The constant concern with environmental issues and investments in waste management, liquid effluents and atmospheric emissions have made it possible for companies to recommend recertification of the ISO 14001: 2015 standard, according to the Environmental Management System (EMS), considering their productive processes.

Greenbrier Maxion also received the Green Seal Certification, delivered by the Environmental Journal of the State of São Paulo for the sustainable actions adopted by the company in relation to the environment.

Greenhouse Gases Management

In addition to the environmental programs, the companies have been performing, for the last four years, the Greenhouse Gases Management, inventorying GEE’s annual emissions.

Donation of recycled material

All plastic material sorted by selective collection at Greenbrier Maxion, approximately six tons per month, is donated to a Cooperative that recycles 3,000 tons of residues every year, generating work and income for 40 families.

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