More than four decades in foundry

Operating for more than four decades in the foundry sector, AmstedMaxion is today a reference in manufacturing and supplying railway and industrial castings in South America, supplying the domestic and foreign markets, exporting to countries of South America, Africa and United States. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to produce ten kilo to six-ton products, in carbon steel and low alloy, supplying the sectors of mining, civil construction machinery and equipment, sugar-ethanol and railway.

Industrial components

In addition to producing and supplying parts for the railroad sector, AmstedMaxion – the foundry, has been operating for over four decades in the casting segment, providing components for the sectors of mining, construction machines and equipment and sugar and alcohol.
The company uses modern technology to produce parts from 10 kg to six tons, in carbon and low-alloy steel.

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Railway components

AmstedMaxion offers draft sill end castings, Rotary Couplings and Draw Bars, yokes, wheels and all foundry railway components.

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