Greenbrier Maxion and AmstedMaxion are concerned with sustainable development, always mindful their practices, production mode and relationship with publics of interest. The social investment in projects and the voluntary employee incentive actions are part of our DNA, besides the concern to improve the management of waste, liquid effluents and atmosphere emissions.

The companies have the premise of promoting the business development considering the economic, social and environmental aspects and are engaged in projects and programs for professional qualification, quality of life and environmental preservation.

The Sustainability and Quality of Life committees are made of employees from different areas, responsible for promoting social and welfare actions within the company and even in the community. The Sustainability Committee analyzes the demands of social projects and requests for partnerships.


Greenbrier Maxion Policy of Social Responsibility and Development, and Sustainability

The Policy of Social Responsibility and Development, and Sustainability of Greenbrier Maxion, a company specialized in the development of designs, manufacturing and reforms of freight cars for cargo transport and welded structural components, aligned with the company’s strategies and guidelines of the company, and in conformity with legal requirements applicable to its activities, specifications and interest of all stakeholders

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Social Projects

Greenbrier Maxion supports some important social projects. You can see all of them bellow.

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Environmental Projects

Environmental Projects are very important for Greenbrier Maxion. You may know our important projects bellow.

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The Greenbrier Maxion and AmstedMaxion Companies believe that investing in the well-being of our people is the best way. There are more than 2500 employees in Hortolândia and Cruzeiro plants, focusing on our customers and our product differentiation.

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