Refurbishment, review, maintenance and transformation

Greenbrier Maxion, through its all technology and expertise, has implemented a new line specialized in rail services at its unit in Hortolândia. The 4,000-square-meter hangar receives used freight cars, which go through a review, maintenance and even reform and transformation process, going as a “‘brand-new” to the customer.

The main objective of the new line of Services is to Offer the market complete solutions regarding the operation of freight cars, through a superior proposal for the benefit of the customers. This allows operators to be free from concerns and high costs regarding the maintenance of their cars, concentrating eff01ts on the real focus of their business. Among the main advantages, the highlights are: increased reliability and availability; better productivity; reduction of maintenance backlog; cost reduction, materials management and train-to-stop, in addition to recycling and reuse of materials and parts.

Project, as well as some services, are treated as independent demands, customized and intended to the specific needs of each customer. System and component services can be performed either completely or in isolation. However, the best option, which guarantees greater coverage at lower costs, is the Integrated Maintenance.


Establishes the supply of freight car kits, replacement of new items, recovery and maintenance of components.

  • Production of freight car repair and transformation kits (CKD)
  • Recovery of brake components, castings and draft gear
  • Wheelset and bearing maintenance
  • Supply of new parts on an exchange basis


It aims at providing updated and reliable technical services in diverse advisory services.

  • Participation in the proposition of transformation and reform of freight cars
  • Joint definition of the best solutions for the needs of the customer (enters the Customer chain)
  • Elaboration of maintenance plans
  • Mapping of Operators
  • Operational improvements (loading, unloading, fuel reduction performance increase)

Integrated Maintenance

It offers the most complete solution through the provision of turnkey services

  • Maintenance planning
  • Systematic measurement of the performance of freight cars
  • Service maintenance
  • Planning the implementation of interventions
  • Replacement of parts inventory with a system of fixed prices, terms and operational guarantee


Restores the original condition of freight cars affected by accidents, useful life wear or by the action of the product transported.

  • Recovery of casualties, cannibalism or inactive
  • Change of plate
  • Internal and external paint recovery
  • Recovery Of tank cars

Review and Maintenance

Improves the condition of the reliability and availability levels required to meet the operating plan.

  • Review, repair, draft gear reconditioning, bogies and brake.
  • Recovery of superstructure (carbodies)
  • Recovery of the loading and unloading system


It aims at efficient and reliable work to change the original characteristics of a freight car, adapting them to a new need.

  • Regauging
  • Increase of volume and/or capacity
  • Changing in the freight car model
  • Specific adaptations according to the product
  • Replacement of bogie, draft gear system, brakes, etc

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